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ORNOA - Who We Are


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ORNOA began operations in March of 2010. Originally our services aimed to assist patients seeking oncology, neurology and orthopedic care in South Florida. Today our Patient Navigation services connect patients seeking a wide range of medical services from various specialists and medical centers. ORNOA does not offer medical advice. We are health advocates who coordinate care for patients. We work closely with physicians, imaging and medical centers , insurance carriers and employers to create an optimum experience for patients. We are independent Patient Navigators and are not employed by hospitals, physician practices or health insurance companies. Our efforts are supported by 1) members who pay a membership fee to belong to the network and receive Patient Navigations services for their clients. Or 2) by patients themselves who seek a Patient Navigator and pay hourly or annual membership.

ORNOA was developed by healthcare executives with experience in navigating the South Florida medical environment.


OrnoaShelly Weiss Has over 20 years of experience in healthcare management and marketing. She owned and managed two diagnostic imaging centers in Miami and has directed the local and international marketing efforts for a leading imaging center in Aventura. Her focus has been on assisting patients and physicians with their diagnostic imaging needs. As the CEO of ORNOA, she is always there for her patients and is their advocate and their navigator from their first contact with ORNOA to their return home and beyond. She is always making sure her patients get fast appointments with the best physicians and gets quick turn around appointments and tests. She is a frequent speaker on the latest imaging modalities, and travels often to the Bahamas and Caribbean Islands. Shelly holds a Bachelor of Science from Florida International University and is a Certified Radiology Administrator. Seeing disease up close has made Shelly an intense advocate for medicine with a heart. It is important that people get the care that they need in an environment of exceptional quality and service.

Ornoa Health Advocate's Code of Conduct and Professional Standards

ORNOA endorses and subscribes to the Health Advocate’s Code of Conduct and Professional Standards.

“After being told I had breast cancer by my doctor, I was very scared. But I had a chance to speak to the breast doctors before coming to Miami and this helped me not to worry so much.

~ Freeport, Grand Bahamas


“My mother is very sick”,
these were the first words uttered by the son when he called us.


~Provo, Turks & Caicos