“My mother is very sick”, these were the first words uttered by the son when he called us

Mrs. Smith, a 64 year old grandmother had been having dizzying spells for several weeks and suffering from headaches, when her family doctor in Turks, suggested she come to Miami for a brain MRI test. Her scans, performed at Elite Imaging, revealed a large benign temporal brain tumor. Mrs. Smith’s son contacted us wanting to know if his mother would be a candidate for CyberKnife. The CyberKnife a non invasive radiation procedure to treat tumors and does not require surgery. Mrs. Smith’s films and radiology records were given to Dr. George Ibars, a neurosurgeon and CyberKnife trained Network physician. Dr. Ibars determined that the size of her tumor was too large to be treated with radiation therapy. Dr. Ibars contacted Mrs. Smith and spoke to her family, explaining that her symptoms were only going to get worse and that she needed to have her tumor removed as soon as possible via a traditional craniotomy. ORNOA was able to negotiate lower costs with the providers so that her insurance would cover the expenses and there would be minimum out of pocket costs for the family. Mrs. Smith was successfully operated at Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami and is expected to make a full neurological recovery with no symptoms or after effects. She will be returning to Miami in a month to get new brain scans and consult with Dr. Ibars for a follow up review.

~Provo, Turks & Caicos