“After being told I had breast cancer by my doctor, I was very scared. But I had a chance to speak to the breast doctors before coming to Miami and this helped me not to worry so much.

When faced with the diagnosis of breast cancer in January of 2010, Mrs. Day worried she would need a double mastectomy and lose both her breasts. When she first contacted ORNOA, she told us she would prefer a non-surgical approach to treating her disease. Her breast MRIs, and medical records were given to a female breast physician in our Network who evaluated her condition. The breast specialist, an expert in radiation and targeted therapies, recommended that surgery on one of her breasts would be the best approach but the entire breast would not have to be removed. Mrs. Day was contacted back home, and received a full explanation as to what to expect for her surgery with breast surgeon Dr. Cristina Lopez Penalver. Mrs. Day was operated in early February of 2010 at Baptist Medical Center in Miami and is doing very well. She is looking forward to her post surgery evaluation, and her surgeon expects there will be no evidence of breast cancer disease. Mrs. Day will be followed by her physician back home, who will then report her progress to Dr. Lopez Penalver.

~ Freeport, Grand Bahamas