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Concierge Services


ORNIA - Concierge ServicesORNOA offers a comprehensive service just like that of a concierge at a fine hotel. We will help facilitate and coordinate your visit to South Florida for all of your medical needs. Each year thousands of patients travel to Florida for specialized medical care that is often not available close to home, or is too expensive.

By utilizing our services, we take out all the worries of being just another patient. We are able to access a variety of discounts not usually offered to International and transient patients.

ORNOA is neither an insurance company nor a medical service provider. Instead we are there for you to provide facilitated and expedited access to some of the world’s top medical institutions and doctors to ensure that you receive the best care.

We identify preferred physicians and specialists for your needs. We schedule your doctors’ appointments and manage all your needs prior to and after the appointments. We are there with you every step of the way.

ORNOA offers an array of services to compliment your every medical need. We are here to take care of all your medical needs in order for you to be worry free, whether you are on holiday, vacation or business, with the most personalized dedicated care.

ORNOA also offers a vast variety of other “non” medical related services/activities for the convenience of their patients.

Some examples of ORNOA's Concierge Services

  • Discount on medical and personal services
  • Cardiac Score
  • Massage services at hotel or our spa
  • Priority medical appointments
  • VIP escort to medical appointments
  • Discount travel arrangements
  • Discount hotel arrangements
  • Discount car rental arrangements
  • Transports from airport to local hotels
  • Discount on Air Ambulance
  • Priority diagnostic imaging and results
  • Priority arrangements for admission to hospital
  • Hospital discounts
  • Discounts on Body Scan
  • Discounts on executive physicals
  • Medical review or second opinion
  • Medical records transfer to CD or USB memory stick
  • Women's Imaging

10 Tips we use to save $ for our patients' hotel rooms

  1. We seldom use discount travel websites or 800 tel #. We call the hotel directly and speak to the sales manager or guest relations. Not the front desk folks.
  2. ORNOA has corporate rates with over 25 hotels (chains, independents & boutique hotels) in South Florida. These discounts save our patients 12% to 18% of the rack rate (quoted prices).
  3. Prepaid rooms offer an additional savings of $10 to $50 a night.
  4. Using a credit card allows you to negotiate more freely. Cash does not.
  5. Reward Programs are free to join & really do offer savings in 2 ways: you accumulate points for every $1 you spend in the hotel (typically $1 goes towards 10 points). Accumulated points = free lodging in the future. Belonging to a reward program signals that you are a loyal customer, and more likely to be a repeat guest. This helps you negotiate free stuff, like breakfast, bottled water. Our favorites: Hyatt Gold Passport, Holiday Inn Express & Marriott Rewards.
  6. The best time to book a room is early in the week (not weekends) & later in the day. At this point the manager has a good bed count and knows what the booking trend is looking like.
  7. We request an additional “media rate.” This is the equivalent of professional discount given to wholesalers, like ORNOA.
  8. Local working knowledge also helps us snatch a good rate. If we know there is construction going on the front of the hotel, or the hotel is re-carpeting the halls, we can ask if there is any $special consideration for the inconvenience to our guests.
  9. It’s difficult to ask for the VIP suite at a discount rate. But how about asking for the corner room or handicap room, which often have the same square footage and can be quite nice.
  10. Easier to remove dubious charges off your hotel bill at check out, rather than trying to complain during your stay. Courteousness will get you everywhere with the hotel staff.

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ORNOA Miami Tel: 305-763-7997    ORNOA Fort Lauderdale Tel: 954- 965-7002